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About the author

Painter-animalist, authority in sculpture and graphic art. A member of Russian Artist Union since 1998. Was born 01.06.1965 in Leningrad. Lives in Strelna (Saint-Petersburg) Graduated from Art School of Art Academy, attended courses on faculty of sculpture in Repin Institute of Art, Sculpture and Architecture. Also studied at Serov Art School (now Rerih School) Svetlana has being fascinated by nature since her childhood. Her art works are devoted to picturing different animals: horses, dogs, birds, wild animals and insects as well as landscapes. Her creative works are varied in sculpture and graphic art: different plastic in bronze and china; colour graphic art and water-colour; graceful work with indian ink and a pen. Svetlana has taken part in more than 40 art exhibitions which include 10 personal exhibitions in Germany.
speciality painter, graphic art painter, sculpter
spesialization painter-animalist
country Russia
year and place of birth 1965 Leningrad
city Saint-Petersburg
creative work
professional union Russian Artist union
personal exhibitions: Animal World, Children of Earth, Zooart
in museums, collections
Ahmatova and Gumilev museum, Nabokov museum, Myslin's collection
in catalogues:
Artists'05 (volume11, Authors)
Artists'05 (volume 1, Organizations)
event: Sides of Beautiful
educational institution Serov Art School in Leningrad

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